Decentralized Option Markets

Trading unleashed

Creating series for any ERC-20

Hodl on to your trident 🔱

SIREN Markets

Fully-collateralized options contracts

  • For Traders

    Hedge, apply strategies to potentially limit downside risk and utilize other complex techniques or combinations to actively trade regardless of market directions.

    SIREN Markets is a flexible, decentralized protocol or trading cryptocurrency options designed for sophisticated investors.

  • Trade 1
  • Trade 2

SIREN Liquidity

Growth over time for market thriving

  • For Liquidity Providers

    Provide your funds to be involved in options market formation, make money on collecting fees, become a passive option writer in any of the ERC-20 tokens we offer.

    Take part in liquidity mining events as new pools are created, and seek opportunities to participate in yield reward programs.

  • Pool 1
  • Stake 1

The Team

SIREN is supported by a distributed community of water-dwelling creatures.

  • Tishana img
    Voice of Thunder

    +5 agility, cast one @chrisblec tweetstorm onto your opponent

  • Seafi
    Crafter of Wonders

    +3 attack, select an opponent to suffer from a bug

  • Zareth san
    Fullstack Trickster

    +2 attack / +1 armor, select an opponent to suffer from 5x gas fees

  • Prime speaker zegana
    Utopian Speaker

    +3 agility, increase defense of all allies until the next expiration

  • Theros master of waves
    Master of Waves

    Protection from bugs, web page elements you control gain +2 compatibility

  • Laquatus
    Ambassador Laquatus
    Merfolk Wizard

    +2 intellect / +1 design, gain 50 mana for every liquidity pool added

  • Sejiri
    Empathic shaper

    +2 charm / +1 smart contract, decrease gas fees 2x for nearest allies

  • Mermaid

    We're friendly merfolk :)

    So come hang out with us on Telegram! Become a contributor, learn more about options, the SIREN protocol, lurk, ask questions or simply say hello.

What Degens Say

Trusted by many humans and 7/10 primates.

  • wen can i ape ser

    Chairman Mao
  • How to get in?

    Ken L
  • caps r needed... too many whales lurking

    Alp Z
  • You remember when it was just 100 people cap and everything was merry and good? 😂

  • Imagine being in here since like 50
    People and still only having a plebs amount of money in the contracts -.-

    Bitcoin Palmer
  • ffs gonna increase more guys or? :(

  • I defeated the bots

    W K
  • racks on racks ? hunda dolla bill ?

    Casper DeFi
  • says pools are maxed?

  • Okay looking forward to LPing

  • please…just let me buy already


Investors in SIREN

The SIREN Protocol

We believe in financial markets that are open, inclusive and accessible to everyone.

And we love options.

Core Smart Contracts are now on mainnet.