For Traders

Actively trade tokenized options contracts and match your portfolio to market trends.

Apply various strategies to anticipate market volatility
Leverage your crypto exposure
Hedge yourself from downside risk

For Liquidity Providers

Earn options premiums on your favorite altcoins by lending them to SIREN liquidity pools.

Earn yield from option premiums
Lend many different altcoins to the SIREN AMM
Choose from several short or long side pools

SIREN Tradewind

Powerful liquidity & options trading solutions for DeFi Projects

Polygon (Matic)

Polygon (Matic Network) and SIREN Markets launch MATIC Call options on SIREN Tradewind
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Kyber Network

Kyber Network and SIREN Markets support Call options for KNC on SIREN Tradewind
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Your Project

• Create additional sink for tokens
• Increase community holding
• Market collaboratively
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Protocol Security

We believe in financial markets that are open, inclusive and accessible to everyone. And we love options. Core Smart Contracts are now on Polygon.

Investors in Siren